coffee break

Apple Cider Donut Coffee

I don’t have much planned for today besides packing for my trip to Detroit this week (I’m there Monday through Saturday for a trade show and customer visits). My company finally invested in polos for women (it was a laugh last year when they asked me to wear a men’s-sized polo), so I don’t have to worry about my outfits at all (except for deciding whether or not I want to wear fuchsia dress pants with my cobalt blue shirt – thoughts?). I do have to figure out how I’m fitting everything in my carry-on (I loathe checking bags), since I’ve been asked to take some product literature, samples, and new business cards for the guys on the plane with me.

So what was I up to this morning? This:

Apple Cider Donut Coffee from Target

One of the things I miss about living in Pennsylvania (where I’m from), is TARGET! We don’t have one here in Vermont – and yes, you read that right. There are zero Target stores in Vermont. As a treat, my husband will sometimes offer to take a trip over to Plattsburgh, NY (about an hour away from us) so I can satisfy my Target addiction. The struggle is real 😉 I bought this coffee (along with three others…) during a sale last week. It is lightly flavored – not too overwhelmingly “apple” – in fact, I taste cinnamon spice and a general sugary sweetness more than apple. In my opinion, that’s a good thing. I like apple cider, but I don’t think I’d like that in my coffee.

Since I like my coffee strong, I mix 3 tbsp of lighter/flavored roasts with 3 tbsp of espresso-blend (any kind will do – I think the one in my cabinet right now is Lavazza, and it is quite smooth) for 2 to 2 1/2 cups of coffee, depending on how big my mug-of-the-day is. If you love coffee but have never used a French press – you just have to get one and try it. Obviously there are expensive models, but most are relatively cheap – I’ve found ones on Amazon for less than $15- see here. I’m pretty sure the one above was between $15-$20.

To learn how to use a French press, check out Bon Appetit’s feature. I’ll also link the video below. I usually buy coffee at the grocery store and use the in-store grinder to create the coarse grind recommended for the French press – but honestly, I’ve used finely-ground coffee before (like the Apple Cider Donut coffee pictured above) and I’ve never seen/tasted a problem. I’m sure coffee connoisseurs would heartily disagree with me 😉 One thing I will note: I use a wooden spoon to stir my coffee in the French press. I’ve heard more than a few horror stories of people using metal spoons and cracking the glass. Just a tip!

I hope you’ve all had a relaxing weekend. Check back later – I think I’m going to do some virtual window-shopping today and compile a few of my favorite picks of the week.

Best – Jennie


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